Kid on Bike

E cea mai simplă întrebare posibilă. Mai jos, o parte din răspunsurile adunate de London Cyclist, aici. Să vedem ce răspundeţi voi.

* “Because I enjoy seeing all the things around me”
* “Bicycling keeps me in shape”
* “I like going on bike rides with my boyfriend to socialise”
* “I hate public transport”
* “I cycle because going to the gym never really worked for me”
* “Unlike drivers sitting in traffic inside a car I get a direct connection to my environment. Which feels more real.”
* “Slowing down to the urban biking pace reveals a city that many urban dwellers hadn’t taken notice of, yet.”
* “Cycling is a great meditation – it gives you time to think about the challenges you are facing.”
* “I ride so I can shave my legs and wear spandex.”
* “I like the sound of my tires when they turn fast.”
* “Because there’s nothing like suffering on the bike to make you appreciate a shower, clean clothes, and a plate of food.”
* “Because one of my most vivid childhood memories is the moment that my training wheels stopped rattling against the ground.”
* I ride my bike to stay connected……with people, places, events and memories.
* “I have the road to myself. Fog, wind and solitude. I love it.”
* “Because I love hearing the soft movement of gears spinning below you”
* “It puts me in a good mood, particularly if you’re cycling past lines of cars waiting in a jam.”